Location in vicinity of the third largest city in Russia
Novosibirsk with a population of about two million inhabitants is the center of the Siberian region. Nowadays, 90% of suburban cottage settlements in Novosibirsk have been built by non-professional private companies. The suburban real estate market has a critical need for land plots of a small area with a fully developed infrastructure.
1,900 m of the adjacent coastline
Sosnovkino is located 20 km south of Novosibirsk in the most eco-friendly area. The most popular artificial lake in West Siberia and pine forest make this area very attractive. Every year a sailing competition for the Cup of Russia is held on this lake.
Years of experience in infrastructure engineering
Sosnovkino Foundation's team of engineers took part in infrastructure engineering of many settlements in several countries: more than 20 new settlements in Russia, 4 investment projects in the Czech Republic and development projects in Thailand. As a rule, land plots for projects have a large area; due to the centralized infrastructure development, their attractiveness increases substantially and the price increases many times over.
The land area of 1,940,000 m2 which is intended for the construction of private houses belongs to Sosnovkino Foundation.
Sosnovkino Foundation already owns a land area of 194 hectares with an estimated value of $3,000,000. The amount of required investments to complete the construction of the necessary infrastructure is $2,700,000.
S-54 Engineering & Construction Group
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