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" Dear participants and investors of the project Sosnovkino.
During the entire fund-raising period, we managed to raise US $ 1,327,000. Most of them were collected in fiat currencies. The total number of owners of the tokens Sosnovkino is 378 people.
Since September 2017, we have designed a water pipeline system, gasification system and have started designing a power supply system.
The estimated cost of building a water pipeline system is 31500 000 rubles (546400 $)
- Gas pipeline system is 63000 000 rubles (1 091 854 $)
- Electric system 41 000 000 rubles (710571$)

Considering the fact that our team participated in the implementation of several projects for the construction of cottage settlements, I have a clear belief that, without having a sufficient amount for the construction of all networks, it is very risky to start a project. The main risk is that land plots with unfinished infrastructure will not have high demand and the return on investment in them may last for many years.
We have already invested in design and road works about $ 50,000 (which of course will be useful in the implementation of the project in the future.
Offering you our project for investment, we indicated the planned profitability, this responsibility is much higher than our $ 50,000 spent.

So I see 2 ways out of the situation.
1. Full refund to investors.
2. Freezing of construction works and inexpensive, long-term marketing work to attract new large investors. (in this case, the deadline for the implementation of the project, the date of payment of dividends is not clear, in addition, each investor will have to formalize the ownership of part of the land plot of the project Sosnovkino)

We await your comments, we have a few days to resolve this issue."

Regards Maxim Dvedenidov
CEO Sosnovkino
Organized for the construction industry, based on a real land asset.
Stable, innovative and reliable blockchain product.
Total control over and transparency of the project with the aid of the Blockchain Vote Technology.
Quarterly payment of dividends to the personal account of a token holder in the selected cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin).

Over $3,000,000 of tangible assets already in the project.
The opportunity to become a co-owner of the development company.
Real estate has been the most popular way of investment for hundreds of years. Leading specialists can make a profit of hundreds of per cent on projects, in contrast to ordinary non-specialized investors whose income can be comparable to the deposit rate in the bank.

The Sosnovkino project is a land area. We invest in the infrastructure which will be built in 2018. According to Zurich LLC appraisal, the increase in the cost of the asset at the time of engineering systems construction will be 600%.
Location in vicinity of the third largest city in Russia
Novosibirsk with a population of about two million inhabitants is the center of the Siberian region. Nowadays, 90% of suburban cottage settlements in Novosibirsk have been built by non-professional private companies. The suburban real estate market has a critical need for land plots of a small area with a fully developed infrastructure.
1,900 m of the adjacent coastline
Sosnovkino is located 20 km south of Novosibirsk in the most eco-friendly area. The most popular artificial lake in West Siberia and pine forest make this area very attractive. Every year a sailing competition for the Cup of Russia is held on this lake.
Years of experience in infrastructure engineering
Sosnovkino Foundation's team of engineers took part in infrastructure engineering of many settlements in several countries: more than 20 new settlements in Russia, 4 investment projects in the Czech Republic and development projects in Thailand. As a rule, land plots for projects have a large area; due to the centralized infrastructure development, their attractiveness increases substantially and the price increases many times over.
The land area of 1,940,000 m2 which is intended for the construction of private houses belongs to Sosnovkino Foundation. After the completion of the construction works in 2018, the Foundation will begin to sale 1,800 individual plots.
Sosnovkino Foundation already owns a land area of 194 hectares with an estimated value of $3,000,000. The amount of required investments to complete the construction of the necessary infrastructure is $2,700,000. The construction will be completed by October, 2018.

270,000 tokens have been released.
1. The land asset is not subjected to inflation and volatility of cryptocurrency thus it is a reliable investment tool.

2. Investing in Sosnovkino at the stage of ICO will make a profit of 300%.

3. You have total control at all investment stages over operations of the Foundation through an annual blockchain vote.

4. Sosnovkino is a full-fledged trading crypto asset.

5. Since October, 2018, after the completion of the construction of the engineering communications, all investors will begin to receive dividends quarterly in the selected cryptocurrency on their accounts.

6. After the end of the project and the sale of all land plots, all engineering communications and roads will remain in the Foundation ownership. The income from the exploitation of this property will be paid annually to investors as dividends.

7. An investor can get an individual land plot instead of the investments.
The land asset owned by Sosnovkino Foundation secures this investment project.
Investors participate in the project by purchasing tokens (270,000 tokens available). Each token is a part of the company that makes its holder a co-owner. After the completion of the ICO, the tokens can be purchased or sold on the exchange at the market rate. Token holders' information is anonymous and protected by the blockchain technology.
After the end of the investment period, any investor can get full refund of the investments. Sosnovkino Foundation already has a land area, a construction site.
In October, 2017 the construction of electric and central sewage systems, gas and water pipelines will begin in a parallel way. After the completion of these constructions by July, 2018, the roads will be built in the entire territory of the settlement. The construction is planned to be completed by October, 2018.
On December 1, 2017, the first blockchain vote will be held among all the token holders where there will be made the decisions on the start date of the sales of 1,800 land plots, their selling price, the real estate agency and marketing expenses.
Starting from the first sale of a land plot, token holders will quarterly receive dividends in the selected cryptocurrency. Dividends will be paid until the last land plot is sold. Since the estimated selling price of the land plot is $10,200, the investment income can be 350%.
After the end of the project, all engineering communications and land plots of the roads will remain in the Foundation ownership. The income from the exploitation of this property will be annually paid to the token holders in the form of dividends.
SNKCoin is a token issued via Ehtereum blockchain technology, using Solidity programming language. All transactions will be securely processed in Ethereum Virtual Machine and stored in a blockchain – distributed database on numerous nodes around the globe. Decentralized consensus gives Ethereum extreme levels of fault tolerance, ensures zero downtime, and makes data stored on the blockchain forever unchangeable and censorship-resistant. Thus, our SNKCoinsmart contract is a reliable investment.
Dividends distribution is a standard problem for any company using ICO. IT specialists in Sosnovkino Foundation developed a dividends distribution system on the basis of Ethereum that gives an opportunity for everyone to make a sufficient profit. Sosnovkino founders and management team leave 30% of the profit. Therefore, investors will share 70% of the company through tokens distribution. Dividends will be distributed ones in quarter starting from October, 2018.
The mechanism of dividends distribution in Sosnovkino includes the following steps:
1st week after the quarter finished (in January, April, July and October). Profit accounting. Transfer of the profit to the Caiman Islands.
2nd week. Purchase and transfer of cryptocurrency to a special wallet allocated for dividends.
During each period of dividend payment the register of token holders is checked. This can be done with a snapshot of the blockchain. Token holders will receive dividends at the current exchange rate on their personal wallets. Dividends distribution will be announced on the website and via Ethereum system to token holders.
The collected funds with the aid of the ICO are put on the Sosnovkino Foundation account in the Cayman Islands.
Sosnovkino Foundation provides a loan to the Russian company Sosnovkino LLC which owns the land. Moreover, the Foundation owns 70% of the share capital of Sosnovkino LLC.
In October, 2017 Sosnovkino LLC under the contract transfers the funds for the construction of gas and water pipelines, electric and central sewage systems. The road works contractor starts construction in June, 2018.
After voting in December, 2017, Sosnovkino LLC chooses a real estate agency and enters into a contract for sale with an established price policy.
Funds from the sales are distributed among investors excluding current expenses and remuneration to the project developers. The investors receive income in the selected cryptocurrency.
Project Finish
He is experienced in implementation of projects of suburban real estate. He has more than 3,000 of implemented land plots in Russian Federation, several successful development projects in the Czech Republic and a resort apartment project in Thailand.
Financial and business analyst. Master's degree in Economics in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia; BBA in Moscow Technological Institute, Russia; BA in Real Estate, Finance and Revenue Management in Glion Institute, Switzerland. She participated in two successful startups as a financial director. She is experienced in property management and commerce.
IT specialist. Master's degree in Information Technologies and Computational Systems in Novosibirsk State University. Now he works on PhD in Informatics Systems and as Senior Teacher in Novosibirsk State University, General Informatics Department. He is a professional in artificial intelligence, neural nets, computational systems and blockchain technologies. He participated in several successful projects connected with distributed computational systems for SEO and hybrid neural nets.
Maxim Dvedenidov, CEO
Olga Serbinenko, CFO
Dmitry Nagornykh, CIO
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