If you have more questions.....
1. What is the advantage of the Sosnovkino real estate development project over other similar projects in the region?
In Novosibirsk's countryside real estate market, the same as in most of Russia though, a systemic approach to construction of cottage settlements has not been formed yet over the 15 years of existence of the land legislation and the institute of private ownership of land plots. In general, in Novosibirsk's suburbs cottage settlements have mostly been created chaotically. Developers purchase plots of land from farmers and change their designated purpose through state officers then they build the communications there stage by stage using the money obtained from selling plots of land (sometimes it takes up to 5 years to do it). Due to the absence of the necessary infrastructure, buyers hesitate to purchase the plots and the developers, in their turn, do not have enough money to build all the necessary communications in the entire territory of the settlement within a short period of time.

The Sosnovkino project envisions construction of all the engineering networks and roads within 1 calendar year in the entire territory of the settlement which is possible only if the funds necessary for the construction works are available. With the aid of the ICO, we can build the infrastructure without problems and sell all the plots to the end buyer within the shortest possible time that produces a profit quickly as there is a deficit of countryside real estate with high-quality infrastructure in Novosibirsk's real estate market.
2. Are there similar plots of land in the market at a lower price?
There is no such quality-to-price ratio in Novosibirsk's real estate market. As a rule, all the territories with an advantageous location and a well-developed infrastructure were created in the times of the Soviet Union. And although there are buildings which do not look very savoury now, the cost of plots in such areas is several times higher than in others. The contemporary cottage settlements either do not have a completed infrastructure or offer ready-made houses to their buyers. The minimal cost of plots near us is about $8,000 for 1,000 m2 (without central sewage system, gas pipeline, or asphalted road).
3. Is there a need for this product?
Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia, the third largest city by population in Russia (about 2 million people). Novosibirsk is the administrative center of the Siberian region where 80% of all the natural resources exported by Russia are mined.

Considering that private ownership of land in Russia was introduced only 15 years ago, the land market is only gaining momentum yet.
4. What is the amount of investment required to implement the project?
We need to attract a fixed amount of $2,700,000. We have been engaged in this business for over 10 years, and before starting the ICO we made accurate calculations of the funds required for implementation of the project. All the calculations, the budgeted cost of the works and a financial model you can find in the business plan.
5. Why not a bank?
This is not our first project and we know that land projects are very profitable with the right approach so the most important factor is the timeliness of investments in such projects. It is time for us to use new technologies for investing. This project will combine the construction industry with the modern financial technology.
6. Who can become an investor?
As a rule, investments in the construction industry are made either by large companies or by small participants of the market who want to purchase real estate in a particular region.

The main idea is launching a crowdfunding campaign. We create an opportunityfor anyone to make investments regardless of their residence or citizenship, solely for the purpose of earning a profit. Compared to the usual investment, the nature of the processes is quite different here. The investor's interests are the same as the developer's – to build quickly and with high quality, and to sell as quickly and profitably as possible.
7. How can investors be secure?
We give a digital token to the investors, this is a kind of a digital asset secured by a plot of land and we set the asset equal to shares. After investing, the money is transferred as a loan to a Russian company from a foreign Foundation, it becomes a shareholder of the Russian company by 70%. This loan is the grounds for the return of funds and getting the investment income. The plot of land owned by the company is encumbered by this loan. In this way, each holder of a digital token is protected. Sosnovkino Foundation can present the guaranteeing and confirming documents to those token holders who disclose their personal information. The organization will undergo an audit every half year, all the accounting reports will be published, and besides, token holders will take decisions on the key issues in the organization due to the Blockchain Vote Technology. There will be video surveillance cameras installed in the construction site: each investor will be able to see the stage that the construction works are at. If someone wants to quit the project, this can be done at any moment.
8. Why do you use a foreign investment foundation?
It is prohibited to sell cryptocurrencies in the territory of Russia. For this reason, the process of buying and selling the cryptocurrency will take place in the Cayman Islands. The money comes into the Sosnovkino Foundation's account, and then to the account of our company in Russia under the loan agreement. The Foundation in the Cayman Islands will own 70% of the Russian company's shares.
9. How much time will be required for the return of investments?
We are planning that the investments will pay off completely within a two years. After the completion of the ICO (it will last for about a month and be completed in August), if the crowdfunding is successful, we are going to proceed to implementation of the project. The construction of all the engineering networks and roads will take about a year and will be completed in October 2018.

We are going to start selling the plots to ultimate owners in December 2017 without waiting for completion of the infrastructure construction. However, the most part of the sales will start after the works have been completed. We expect to finish selling the most of land plots by October 2019. With these time limits of the sales, the profitability of the investments will exceed 300%. The return of investments will be performed on a quarterly basis starting with October 2018.
10. What are you going to do if you cannot collect the necessary amount of money through the ICO?
If we cannot collect enough money or collect too little, we will return the money. The fixed amount we need for the project is $2,700,000.
11. Why did you decide to use such a method of attracting funds which is unusual for the construction sector?
The money that can be earned with the right approach to countryside projects is sometimes much more than what many technological companies make. It is only important to organize everything timely, to get the profitability, and to hand over the high-quality product to the people. As the Russian countryside real estate market has existed only since 2001 and we have a lot of projects with high profitability to do in the future, it makes no sense to get into long-term complicated process of financing through banks or to save our own funds for realization of the projects.

We all know that the blockchain technology is secure and transparent for the users. Each user can see what is sold and purchased. The income comes into a separate wallet. All the transactions are monitored in the real-time mode.
12. Why is your project better than its analogues?
There are no investment projects like this, we are the first ones in the industry to attract investments using the ICO. There are other ICO projects with similar profitability in various startups but most often the only guarantee of their success is some idea or skills. It is a high risk for an investor. And we already have a real asset as the guarantee. Moreover, this project is highly profitable.
13. Why do you use the ICO when having such profitability?
This is not our only project in this sphere and resources for implementation of all our projects are limited. We have purchased the plot of land with our own money but the implementation of the project will require another $2.7 million. We will not be able to construct the networks in parts or to save money for their construction because slow construction is expensive, and we, of course, are interested in making a profit as quickly as possible. As the project's profitability will be high, it is more advantageous for us to use the principles of ICO for this project in order to implement it within the shortest possible time and then to proceed to new ones using ICO as well and earning more in the end due to the good turnover.