How to participate in the Sosnovkino Token sale with MyEtherWallet instructions
First, you need to create your private Ethereum address in one of the available wallets. You need to hold a Private Key of it. Usually, we use Parity or MyEtherWallet. Below, we will provide you with guidelines for MyEtherWallet. So let us assume, you already bought Ether on the exchange and you need to create a new wallet for our token sale. First, go to the MyEtherWallet web site: There you will see their main page that looks like this:
Here, you can generate a new wallet. As you can see, you need to create a new password before you can generate a new wallet. When you type in your strong and unique password (do not share it with anyone!) click on the "Create New Wallet" button. Next thing to show up will be the Save Your Keystore File. Click on the Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON), save the file somewhere safe, and never forget where you store it. To access the wallet, you will need this file and the password you chose. This will be your key to enter your newly generated wallet. Once you save the UTC file, click on the "I understand. Continue."
Now follows the second most important page, where you can see your private key. You have to save your private key, which is unencrypted. Do not show it to anyone! If anyone copies your Private Key or UTC file and personal password then that person will be able to access your assets on a particular wallet! Once you write down your Private Key, also click the button Print bellow the Print Paper Wallet.
In a new tab, you will see all your Ethereum Addresses and Private Keys of this wallet. You can print this information with your printer, but be sure to save it somewhere, where no one else can see it. When you print the file hit Next: Save your Address.
You can use two ways to unlock your Wallet - the UTC file or the Private Key
First, let us try the Keystore File. Mark the Keystore File option and click on Select Wallet File. You will see that a new window will pop up and you will have to find the UTC file on your computer where you saved it. When you find it, click on Open. Then you will have to type in the Password that you chose at the beginning. When you enter your password click Unlock.
Second option is to enter an unencrypted Private Key. Select the Private Key option. Now you will have to copy or type in your Private Key (64 characters) and then click Unlock.
Now you have successfully created your own Ethereum wallet. You can copy some of the wallet files again if you did not do it before. Be sure not to lose any of the saved files. Also, do not share this information anywhere or with anyone!
Now you have created your own Ethereum wallet and can send ETH from the exchange or Jaxx into your Ethereum address, from where you will be able to send ETH to the SNKcoin token sale address.