Buy a token at pre-sale and get BONUS - a share of infrastructure service profit will be yours. You can sell the token to another person and still get the profit on your wallet.

Sosnovkino land counts 1800 plots. Each plot owner should pay $1000 for infrastructure service, which gives $1,800,000. Profit will draw up to 30% out of collected money.
Buy SNKCoin on the pre-sale and get an additional 25% return each year permanently
Average infrastructure service fee - $1000 a year. $1,800,000 revenue a year, profit 30%.
Pre-sale of Sosnovkino tokens will start July,
26th 16:00 (GMT +7). Only 80.000 (30%) tokens will be available.
200,000 m2 of roads and infrastructure
18km of sewerage systems and water pipelines
22 km of electric systems
22 km of gas systems