Sending ETH to Sosnovkino Token sale Address
If you have Ehereum wallet , you can send ETH to provided Smart Contract Address.

Firstly, search for our website or If you want to contribute in our token sale click "BUY TOKENS" button.
Then, please, enter an amount in ETH, which you wish to contribute.
This will take you to Terms and Conditions page where we need you to read our rules. Then you have to agree with "Terms" and click "Next".
Next page will take you to Contribution address, which is the only address of Sosnovkino (SNKcoin) token sale.

Now go to and on the main page click on Send Ether & Tokens. You will need to use the UTC file and password or Private Key again. As we already tried the first option, I am only going to describe how the Private Key option works. Select the Private Key option, type in your Private Key and click Unlock to go back to your Wallet.
This will get you to the "Sending part" of your wallet that will look like this:
This page will require you to enter the Ethereum address of our token sale Smart Contract. Copy-paste the SNKcoin address you see on the priority contribution page into the "To Address"field on the Send Transaction page on MyEtherWallet. The Avatar on the right side should change after you enter the Address. In the "Amount to Send" field you will need to enter the amount of ETH you intend to contribute. The next field to follow is the "Gas Limit" where you can see that the default amount is 21.000. We suggest you double default setting or increase it to 400.000 (which will make your transaction more expensive but it will also be processed sooner).
Double-check everything and then send the "Generate Transaction". After you have checked everything again click on the "Send Transaction" to confirm it.
Once your transaction is processed, you will officially be a part of Sosnovkino. Congratulations!You can also check the status of your transaction through that you can find on the right side.